CET Equine Spa

Equine Spa low temperature Hydrotherapy helps your top
horses train harder, compete harder, stay fit and win more.

You have invested a lot of effort, money and time to produce a class winning horse - protect your investment and your peace of mind with the world's safest, most effective, cost efficent equine spa therapy.

Gain a therapeutic advantage using CET Equine Spa drug free hydrotherapy for the prevention and treatment of sore shins, jarring up and the most common causes of lameness in horses including tendinitis, ligament injuries (suspensory ligament desmitis), wounds and cuts, laminitis, joint conditions and hoof problems etc.

Tendon injuries resolve much faster than normal said leading Equine Vet Bruce Steele during a BBC documentary featuring CET Equine Spa therapy. Read more...

Today, CET, the world's longest established equine spa manufacturer, have gained a reputation for high quality, long lasting, technologically current, marine grade stainless steel equine spas.

Leading horse owners and trainers gain a therapeutic advantage from CET Equine Spa therapy.

HM Queen Elizabeth II, HRH Prince Sultan bin Mohammed of Saudi Arabia, top racehorse trainers such as Aidan O'Brien of Ireland and leading show-jumpers including Rodrigo Pessoa and Alvaro Miranda of Brazil, Robert Smith and Tim Gredley of England, Markus Fuchs of Switzerland, Mario Deslaurier of Canada and Katie Prudent of the USA/France have all benefited their horses using CET Equine Spa therapy.

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