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CET Equine Spas

The Therapeutic Advantage

CET Equine Spas are "the obvious choice on engineering and medical grounds", says the US Olympic Team Vet.

You have invested a lot of time, money and effort to produce a class winning horse. Protect your investment and your peace of mind with the world’s safest, most effective, longest lasting, cost efficient equine spa therapy.

Manufactured from the highest quality marine grade stainless steel, CET Equine Spas are designed for a 20 plus year life span resulting in the lowest lifetime costs by far.

More energy. Improved performance.
Less fatigue. Fewer injuries.

What impact would an Equine Spa have on your horse?

Whether you own or train a performance horse or a leisure horse, regular treatment with an Equine Spa helps your horse to

  • stay fit and strenghten the legs
  • prevent leg injuries
  • recover quicker from inflammation and lower leg conditions
  • train and compete harder
  • win more and gain more revenue.

Looking for a product where your horse could enjoy the same recovery strategy and therapeutic advantage as those of famous horse owners and trainers?

Choose an effective, convenient, reliable and environmentally friendly CET Equine Spa and benefit your horse by using CET Equine Spa therapy.

Horse racing

Horse in CET Equine Spa

Effective cold hydrotherapy for your horse.
Safe and hygienic environment for treatment.

Looking for a good investment? Choose a CET Equine Spa.

You will benefit from excellent equine hydrotherapy with a high quality Spa:

  • Water Quality ensured by superb filtration system
  • Maintaining Therapeutic Temperatures by efficient chiller
  • Safety for horse and operator by neck-guards and side safety rails
  • Longevity by building the spas from stainless steel and quality components
  • Good Design by built-in protectors enures longevity
  • Environmetally friendly by increased chilling efficiency, low running costs and reduced chemical usage

We've purchased our Equine Spa in 2008 and we are treating 8 horses a day, 7 days a week.
We are experiencing only 1/3 of the injury rate in our precious dressage horses that you would commonly face.

José Luis García de Castro Rubio, Veterinary at Centro de Alto Rendimiento de la Yeguada de Ymas, Spain
Dressage horse in CET Equine Spa at Sandaraca Ymas, SpainDressage horse in CET Equine Spa at Sandaraca Ymas, Spain
Equine Hydrotherapy Treatment at Chateau Malleret, FranceEquine Hydrotherapy Treatment at Chateau Malleret, France
Horse legs in cold saltwater spa - view inside CET Equine SpaHorse legs in cold saltwater spa - view inside CET Equine Spa
CET Equine Spa at Westana Equine Training and Rehab CentreCET Equine Spa at Westana Equine Training and Rehab Centre