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Equine Hydrotherapy with CET Equine Spas

Why CET was formed.

In June 2002, CET Limited established itself as the first manufacturer of Equine Spas in Europe.

Managing Director, Colin Edgar explains "When I first came across equine spa therapy I immediately could see its potential. While the basic concept was excellent I had some concerns about the design, so I set about manufacturing a spa using state of the art technology. I felt it was, also, essential to set up an Equine Spa therapy centre to facilitate research and development. Consequently, the Centre of Equine Therapy was established in Northern Ireland in the latter part of 2002."

CET Ltd aims to be the leading European manufacturer of high quality stainless steel Equine Spas.

Though we will not compromise on quality we plan to produce spas at a realistic price.

Furthermore, in the interests of safety all critical components of CET Equine Spas designated for the European market will comply with CE regulations and those designated for the US market will comply with UL regulations where appropriate.

Today, with CET Equine Spa clients located in the UK, the USA, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Saudi Arabia etc., the strategy of producing high quality spas at an affordable price is paying off.

"The most rewarding aspect" says Colin Edgar, "is seeing horses recover more fully or much faster than would otherwise be expected".