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Why Choose CET Equine Spas?

So what gives CET Equine Spas that Therapeutic Advantage?


Medical Grounds

The CET Therapeutic Advantage is achieved by maximising water quality and by ensuring optimum therapeutic temperatures throughout the treatment session.

Water Quality

The quality of the CET Equine Spa filtration system ensures the water remains crystal clear and eliminates the need for potentially hazardous flocculant.

In contrast, the use of cartridge filters leads to a build up of harmful Totally Dissolved Solids [TDS], resulting in unhealthy, cloudy water. TDS are typically controlled by the addition of flocculant [a clarifier produced by mixing aluminium with hydrochloric acid], which may have long-term negative side effects.

When trialling a competitor spa with cartridge filtration, a current client reported, "we had firm instructions from the manufacturer not to fully empty the spa or it would cause problems with the filtration. This meant that the first horse in the morning was stepping into the now warm water left over from the last treatment the night before. I was not happy with this aspect at all."

In contrast, the CET Equine Spa range completely empties the treatment chamber, which consequently eliminates this problem.

Maintaining Therapeutic Temperatures

The CET Equine Spa is the only spa that chills the water in the treatment chamber as well as the water in the reservoir thereby maintaining the water at the optimum temperature during the whole treatment session. A temperature display at the front of the spa confirms this feature.

Our approach avoids the water in the treatment chamber increasing in temperature during the session, returning to the reservoir warm, thus reducing the therapeutic effect of the treatment.

Engineering Grounds

The main engineering advantages focus on safety, longevity and good design.


CET Equine Spas are the only spas with both a neck-guard and side safety rails as standard for the Premier model, minimising the risk of horses jumping out thereby avoiding the potential for injury to both horse and operator.

The spas can be supplied without the neck-guard or without side safety rails on request, but they are strongly recommended on safety grounds.


CET Equine Spas carry the longest warranty on the market with the spa body warranted for 4 years. This demonstrates the confidence the manufacturer has in the build quality and the longevity of the materials.

Managing Director, Colin Edgar says, "we have more spas over a decade old on the market today than all other spa manufacturers combined. We fully expect our spas to last at least 20 years and this makes them the best value spas with the lowest lifetime costs by far."

Good Design

Often keeping it simple is good. We try to keep everything simple wherever possible and practical, but it’s also vital to ensure that the operator cannot easily cause problems through misuse. Thus all pumps, ozonators and chillers in the CET Equine Spas are protected by flow switches, which in the event of no flow turn them off to prevent them running dry and causing expensive failures.

Likewise the blower is protected by a timer, which prevents it being accidentally left running overnight.