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Business Proposition

Open Your Equine Therapy Centre

Add Unique Selling Point with CET Equine Spas

Whether you own a racing yard, livery stables, riding school or have an existing equine clinic, a CET Equine Spa is a valuable addition to your equine operation.

The CET Equine Spa is the ideal business opportunity for those already involved in the horse industry with suitable premises and stabling to allow for the set up of an equine spa therapy centre.

Alternatively, you can build your own specialist equine therapy centre around the equine spa, which is becoming an increasingly popular option. As all spas are built to order, this allows us to accommodate any special requirements you may have.

To explore this exciting business opportunity and receive further information please do not hesitate to contact a member of our CET Team.

Phone: +44 (0)2892 690056

Email: business-opportunity@cet-equine-spa.com

Return On Investment For Therapy Centres

The usual charge for a walk-in equine spa session is £25. As spa sessions usually last no more than 15-20 minutes, it is possible to schedule of at least two horses per hour. Most facilities also offer livery alongside therapy with typical charges of £200-£300 per week.

These financial projections in the table below are based upon average charges by CET Equine Spa clients, operating an equine rehab facility.

Walk-in Horse per day including treatment in Equine Spa

Walk-in Horse per day Cost per session Income per month Income per annum
3 £25 £2,250 £27,000
5 £25 £3,750 £45,000
10 £25 £7,000 £90,000

Horses on Livery including treatment in Equine Spa

Horses on Livery incl. Spa Cost per week Income per month Income per annum
3 £250 £3,000 £36,000
5 £250 £5,000 £60,000
10 £250 £10,000 £120,000

Become A Distributor

Do you currently sell high value equestrian equipment to the horse industry and wish to add more prestigious lines to your range?

We are looking for distributors worldwide to represent CET Equine Spa.

Those interested in this opportunity should contact a member of our CET Team:

Phone: +44 (0)2892 690056

Email: distributor@cet-equine-spa.com