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Equine Hydrotherapy

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How does horse hydrotherapy work?
See articles on Why Hydrotherapy? and How Equine Spa Hydrotherapy Works for an explanation.
2. What conditions can the CET Equine Spa therapy be used for?
The CET Equine Spa was initially used for the treatment of common conditions found in horses including tendinitis, ligament damage, wounds and cuts, sore shins, wind galls, bog spavins, laminitis, poor hoof growth, joint conditions and general stiffness and soreness. Today, it is used in competitive yards as a post-exercise recovery strategy as well as for treating stifle and shoulder injuries.
3. Is the CET Equine Spa used for exercise?
The Equine Spa is designed for the treatment and prevention of injuries and is not used for exercise.
4. Can the horse swim in the Equine Spa?
Equine Spas are not suitable for swimming.
5. Can I treat stifle and shoulder problems with the Equine Spa?
Yes, you can treat stifle and shoulder problems with the CET Equine Spa.
6. What is the difference between an Equine Spa and an Equine Aqua Treadmill?
The CET Equine Spa is used for post-exercise or post-competition recovery in addition to the treatment of injuries, while the Aqua Treadmill [underwater walker] is used as an exercise medium or as a rehabilitation medium when the horse is ready to begin exercising after injury. The CET Equine Spa can be used during the acute stage of an injury [when exercise is not possible] as well as the later rehabilitation phase of recovery and also as a preventative therapy before and after competition.

See the Equine Spa v Aqua Treadmill/Trainer section for a full explanation.
7. Where can I purchase an Equine Spa?
The CET Equine Spa is manufactured by CET Limited. Please complete our Equine Spa Enquiry Form for more information.
8. How much is an Equine Spa?
The price will vary from country to country depending on exchange rates. Please contact CET for current details.
9. What is the delivery time for a CET Equine Spa?
The delivery time varies from 2 to 8 weeks depending on stock levels at time of order.
10. Do you provide training?
Yes, CET provide on-site training.
11. Are references available?
See our Testimonials section. Further references are available for prospective purchasers. Please contact CET for further information.
12. What countries do you supply?
CET supply worldwide. Please contact us for more information.
13. What is the CET Equine Spa made from?
CET use marine grade [316] stainless steel for the main body of the Equine Spa, which should give a 20 year+ life expectancy, outlasting other materials by many years.
14. Why do you use Stainless Steel and not Glass Fibre?
See the Stainless Steel v. Glass Fibre section for an explanation.