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CET Equine Spa

Features & Benefits

"As we manufacture the spas in-house, we can adopt design changes or meet specific customer requirements in a fast and effective way", reports Colin Edgar, Managing Director of CET.

With focus on safety, hygiene and ease of use, we paid special attention to the following aspects:

Door Design

  • Single lever action on front and rear doors
  • Half door option at clients request [single lever action - no unbolting]
  • Clear door option at clients request [no additional cost]

Easy Access and Loading

  • Large easy access hatches provide instant access for maintenance issues.
  • Entry and exit ramps to match the flooring of the spa for easy loading.

Flexible Hose

  • Handheld flexible hose for treating injuries above water level

Environmentally Friendly

  • Variable speed pump – reduces running costs by up to 80%
  • Ozonator – reduces chemical usage by up to 90%
  • Unique chiller design – reduces heat gain, minimising running costs
  • Fully insulated tank, pipes, treatment chamber and filters – reduces heat gain thereby lowering running costs

Superior Filtration

  • Sand filters provide high water quality with easy maintanance routines.
  • Good to know: Any disinfection process will add chemical by-products over time which will lead to a build up of Totally Dissolved Solids (TDS) which may become harmful. The backwash process (which is used to clean sand filters) helps counter-act the build up of TDS.
  • No cartridge filters: not only improved water quality but reduced labour costs as cartridge filters require regular cleaning.


  • Longest warranty in the market: 4 years on the spa body.
  • 12 months on electrical and other components.

After Sales Service

  • Nominated service engineers provide a local service in most countries – ask for details.