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CET Equine Spa

Product and Technical Specifications.

Running Costs

The running costs are minimal. The water reservoir, spa and pipes are fully insulated to minimise heat gain so the cost of chilling is kept to a minimum.

As the water is filtered and recycled you do not need to constantly replace the water. Some spa owners never replace the water but simply top up as required any water lost through evaporation and absorption by the skin of the horse. However, we do not recommend this approach as the concentration of salts will gradually be altered.

More importantly however is the possibility, despite regular chlorination, of the gradual build up of unwanted micro-organisms in the water. Consequently we recommend that the water is periodically changed and the system thoroughly flushed to minimise this risk. This is one of the important reasons that we selected stainless steel for the body of the spa.

Constructing a base for the Equine Spa

The spa must be sited on a level solid base approximately 2.4 metres square. It is also advisable to construct entry and exit ramps to facilitate the ease of loading and unloading the horse. We normally advise making the ramps the same size as a standard rubber stable mat e.g. 6 feet by 4 feet in the UK. In addition a level surface some 18" or so in width at the front of the spa makes it easier for the operator than standing on slope.


Construction: Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Components: Electrical components are manufactured to CE or UL standards as appropriate.

Dry Weight: appr. 1 t

Delivery: 3 to 4 weeks [plus shipping]

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