CET Equine Spas: Stainless Steel v. Glass Fibre.

Why Stainless Steel?

When we first designed the CET Equine Spa a lot of research went into choosing the best material for the job.

The big advantage of marine grade stainless steel is its durability and resistance to corrosion by salt water. It is not only light but incredibly strong.

Glass fibre on the other hand cannot withstand kicks from shod horses. The common practice of reinforcing the rear doors of glass fibre Spas with stainless steel sheets has proven to be ineffective. This was evidenced recently by the trauma suffered by a horse at a high profile equine event in England when the horse kicked a hole in an almost new glass fibre built spa. The other major disadvantage of attaching protective stainless steel sheets onto the fibre glass is that it creates an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and algae i.e. it creates an area which never properly dries out, particularly just above the water line. This is potentially dangerous to the horse when it has open wounds or cuts.

A similar problem may occur when the surface of the glass fibre is scratched whether by a horse shoe or general wear and tear. The frayed edge not only may injure a horse but again may provide a good environment for the growth of bacteria.

Also, the use of galvanised steel as an alternative material was quickly eliminated as it will inevitably be attacked by the salt water.

The health and safety aspects are of prime importance but when combined with the longevity of the material and its durability we decided that marine grade stainless steel was the safest option.

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"I have seen first hand the beneficial effects on the healing process in both a suspensory branch lesion and on a superficial digital flexor tendon lesion.

The healing process proceeded more rapidly and with a better fibre pattern, as confirmed on ultrasound, than would have occurred otherwise.

I am excited about using this modality in the future for the management of soft tissue injuries."

Brendan W. Furlong, M.V.B, M.R.C.V.S. of New Jersey, USA

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